What even is Unusually Dressed?

Unusually Dressed an olive oil based salad dressing, but feel free to throw it on a sandwich, steak, or bread too! It’s an emulsified mixture with real ingredients. Emulsified is just a fancy cooking term for two liquids holding on to each other for dear life to form a silky mixture of deliciousness.  

What is the Unusually Dressed mission?

Unusually Dressed products are made with only the good stuff thus highlighting the beauty and taste of fewer, real ingredients. And we encourage our community to take a closer look at the way they eat, shop and cook. Today so many food products and supermarkets are overflowing with ingredients consumers can’t recognize or pronounce. We are here to steer our community in a new *unusual* direction filled with real food for real people. 

What are the ingredients?

Extra virgin olive oil. Vinegar. Mustard. Maple Syrup. A splash of water & dash of xantham gum for consistency. And of course salt & pepper.

What are good ways to adapt UD? 

UD is absolutely delicious on it’s own, but we fully encourage experimentation! We love to add chopped garlic & anchovies, parmesan cheese, and some worcestershire to the Liquid Gold to make an amazing Caesar dressing in no time. Check out our instagram & recipe cards in your package for more ideas! 

How does UD need to be stored?

Up to you! Because of the high quantity of olive oil in each bottle, the texture is best when stored at room temperature. Our dressing is all natural, preservative free so there is no "need" to refrigerate, if you do choose to just make sure you let the dressing come to room temperature before using for the best consistency. 

Can I buy it in stores?

One day, yes! For now you can buy UD directly from the hands that make it (us). Each order is packed and shipped by hand to ensure the highest quality.

What is the return policy?

For sanitary reasons, we can’t accept returns on already opened bottles, but we’re here for you and your feedback: hello@unusuallydressed.com.

Can we expect to see more flavors? 

Absolutely! We have lots of ideas, but also want to make that YOU want, so let us know! At the moment we have 2 of our favorite flavors. Liquid Gold a tangy, versatile, apple cider vinaigrette and Bellissima a sweet, rich, balsamic vinaigrette. Email us your hopes and dreams, hello@unusuallydressed.com. 

In what ways are you sustainable?

Sustainability is a core principle of UD. We have made thoughtful choices to ensure that mama earth and our grandkids are protected throughout our entire supply chain. From sourcing local ingredients to selecting package materials to hand delivering orders when possible, we believe in prioritizing our planet. And as we scale our business we will continue to look for creative ways to minimize our carbon footprint.