Our Mission

At Unusually Dressed we believe in simple, delicious, real food with real ingredients. 
So we make products with only the good stuff.

Today, supermarkets and highways are flooded with “food” full of preservatives, chemicals and poison. Prioritizing unprocessed, preservative free, and natural foods in our homes and bodies is the catalyst for change. As cooks, eaters, and humans, food is a bridge that connects and effects us all. We have to choose real food for our health, the health of our families, and the health of our planet. Michael Pollan is a writer and an expert on the origins of our food ecosystems. He’s created a list of rules to eat by - here are two we love a lot:

Our hope is that we all fall back in love with real food for foods’ sake.

If this sparks any thoughts, we are here to listen and learn: 

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