Our Story

why are we unusual?

The “usual” has become a long list of ingredients riddled with words you can’t pronounce. This is highlighted in the supermarket dressing aisle. At Unusually Dressed we believe in simple, delicious real food with real ingredients. So we make products with only the good stuff. 

free of junk, full of flavor.

meet the founders.

Julia and Brenna's friendship was born in the kitchen. Whether for dinner parties with friends, snacks after school, or nightly family dinners, the girls perfected the ratio of oil, vinegar, and mustard to make their well known and adored dressing among friends and family. Years after the days in their parents’ kitchens, they have decided to share their beloved recipe with the world. With Brenna’s diverse expertise in the food industry and Julia’s experience in CPG marketing, they are excited to start their own business. The 2 of them share a passion for eating real food and reinvigorating the ritual of cooking. They hope to inspire everyone to share this passion.